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About ABC International Development

We assist, advise and partner with organisations, supporting them to collectively engage, connect and empower people to have a voice on the issues affecting their communities. 

ABC International Development is the international development branch of Australia’s national public broadcaster, the Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). We are part of the ABC International division and part of the Asia-Pacific media community with specialist staff in Australia, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Myanmar.

We recognise the role of media and communication in the development of positive social and behavioural change. We provide expertise, training and program support to media, civil society and government organisations in the Asia-Pacific region and globally, in partnership with development assistance bodies and international donors, such as the Australian Government’s overseas aid program. 

Our objective

Our aim is to help communities, often through the media, to identify and address the barriers and facilitators to development issues, where information access, public dialogue or attitudinal and behaviour change are goals. We support, connect and empower locals in the decision-making process that affects their lives using inclusive media, open communication, information, education and knowledge sharing.

This utilises the ABC’s strengths in public broadcasting, educational broadcasting, emergency broadcasting, rural/agricultural broadcasting and organisational management. It reflects the ABC's role as a broadcaster in our region and our commitment to regional relationships, as an active member of Asia-Pacific and global media bodies.

Partnerships, support and training

Satellite dish installation

The ABC is a ‘Registered Training Organisation’ within Australia’s vocational education and training system and is qualified to structure, develop, deliver and assess programs to offer both on-the-job training and formal tertiary qualifications.

Support and consultancy is provided in all areas of comprehensive media development and Communication for Development (C4D), including organisational management, broadcast and media-related production for television stations, radio stations, online and mobile media, print media, universities and education institutions. 

Assistance is also provided to civil society and government as part of an effective communication dynamic between govt-media-citizens. Collectively they play a critical role in generating demand for better governance, service delivery and social inclusion.

Areas of focus

Specialist skills

  • Editorial policy
  • Research and analysis
  • Behaviour change communication strategies and campaigns
  • Gender equality
  • Disability inclusiveness
  • Education (including rural and agriculture content)
  • Sales and marketing
  • Business services (management and administration)
  • Academic support


Management and governance

  • Overall organisational capability
  • Strategic management and consultancy
  • Leadership and management development for new and experienced managers
  • Strategy and skills for working with media to engage citizens
  • Media law and policy development


Content production

  • Introductory and senior journalist training and development programs, including journalism for specific purposes such as crisis reporting and guidelines for reporting on children
  • Radio producing and presenting, including talkback and regional reporting
  • Content creation, editing and publishing, including digital platforms such as online and mobile
  • Scriptwriting for drama and light entertainment
  • Children’s television, including edutainment
  • Television production: camera, lighting, sound, editing, audio post production, producing/directing
  • Documentary making
  • Archive and library services, including digitisation of archives
  • Understanding and using social media

    Technical and broadcast management

    • Broadcast engineering and maintenance
    • Transmission
    • Technical production skills
    • Outside broadcasts
    • Satellite, wide-screen, aspect ratios, broadband
    • Production resource management
    • Broadcasting and screen
    • Sports directing
    • Multi-camera directing
    • Live entertainment programs
    • Large events such as the Olympic Games


    Human resources

    • Performance management
    • Recruitment
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Training and mentoring
    • Coaching and assessment programs


    Support and administration

    • Finance
    • Legal services
    • Rights management
    • Property management
    • Retail operations


    research being undertaken in PNG