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Provincial Content meets a national audience

Ian Mannix
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
NBC Provincial Radio has created a new program called:"Stori Bilong Yumi." It's believed "Stori Bilong Yumi" is the first ever program to be produced entirely in PNG's Provincial areas, aimed at a national audience. 
It is produced each week in the NBC studios in Lae.
Stori Bilong Yumi is broadcast each week at 8.30‐9pm Sunday night.
The first program focused on what life is like for people in Provincial areas dealing with cancer, and how they cope with limited cancer treatment centres.
The second was around election processes in the Provinces and the third asked the question: "In this election, are our representatives offering support for people with disabilities?"
"Stori Bilong Yumi" grew out of a training program funded by The Australian Government through DFAT. It funded the Media Development Initiative to undertake training for NBC provincial journalists on election coverage in Lae, Mt Hagen and Buka at Bougainville.
It is broadcast principally in tok pisin, although the intros are a mix of English and Pisin. Recent surveys showed there is a strong preference for content to be broadcast in tok pisin in PNG.
The Team Leader at Media Development Initiative, Ian Mannix, says the program is an effective way to give people in Provincial areas a stronger voice, particularly their reporters to gather and produce the material.
"But in PNG 85 percent of all people live in the rural areas, and they deserve to be heard."
"Many people are not part of the information flow and therefore they don't benefit from a wider understanding of their issues.
"It is not easy to represent provincial voices anywhere in the world. It takes extra commitment from the broadcasters. NBC has 19 Provinces but until how their focus has been on provincial radio broadcast each day in the regions.
"During our training it became apparent they NBC staff were keen to be heard nationally, and they have been very enthusiastic in creating this content."