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ABC International Development has communication and media development specialists in Australia, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Myanmar. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, ABC International Development designs and delivers communication and media initiatives to support development objectives, with a team presence in The Pacific, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Myanmar.

Our team is comprised of communication and media specialists providing support and expertise in training and mentoring programs, secondments, strategy facilitation, technical support, research and consultancy, working with fellow broadcasters and other media organisations to review performance, assess technical needs and plan future strategies.

ABC International Development team

  • Domenic Friguglietti Head International Development With over 24 years of media experience, Domenic is responsible for overseeing the management and strategic direction of ABC International Development.
  • Vipul Khosla Research Manager Vipul is responsible for delivering ‘Insights and Impact’ and design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities for our projects.
  • Jo Elsom Manager Business Development & Strategic Partnerships Jo is a senior communications professional and has worked with non-government organisations, the private sector and federal government – including Australia’s international development agency, AusAID (now DFAT).
  • Sam Freeman Researcher, Insights and Impact team Sam works across a range of ID projects including Papua New Guinea and Cambodia to deliver project insights and impact.
  • Kate Tilbury Finance Manager Kate works across all the ID projects on all elements of budgeting and financial control.
  • Angela Davis Researcher, Insights and Impact team Angela works across ABCID projects to assist in the delivery of research and monitoring and evaluation. In her role, Angela works closely with in-country research staff, external research agencies and academic institutions.

The Pacific

  • Kate Raseta Project Manager, PACMAS Kate’s role includes liaising with PACMAS staff to ensure the project is on track and to resolve any issues. She engages contractors, reports to donor agencies on progress and manages the project budget.

Papua New Guinea

  • Joys Eggins Research Officer, MDI Joys is responsible for the research and delivery of all monitoring and evaluation activities for MDI PNG to ensure the project meets its objectives.
  • Ian Mannix Team Leader, MDI Ian manages the in-country team and works with NBC to improve their content outputs across all platforms. His background in radio and stakeholder management and emergency broadcasting bring a wealth of experience to the role.
  • Hare Haro Program and Partnerships Liaison, MDI Hare works on all project activities, including facilitating C4D training for NBC staff, and in the planning and implementation of MDI's new governance initiative 'Yumi Go Wer?'.
  • Rob Batten Project Director, MDI As Project Director Rob is responsible for program leadership, strategic planning and performance oversight.
  • Jessica Douglas Project Manager, MDI Jessica works closely with the in-country team to make sure the MDI project is running smoothly. She also engages contractors, reports to donor agencies and manages the project budget, contracts and any Australian based activities.


  • Ta Rath Team Leader Ta has a strategic, coordinating and advisory role, acting as a technical resource and support for the establishment and implementation of programs and initiatives under CCAP.
  • Sornnimul Khut Content Manager Sornnimul holds an MA in Social Science in Digital Media and Society from Uppsala University, Sweden. Sornnimul provides support and mentorship to partners and CCAP2 Content Team to improve partner radio stations' content.
  • Kalyan Huon Research Coordinator Kalyan is responsible for promoting the outcomes of CCAP, including milestone reports, evaluation of CCAP, and undertaking research activities to measure the impact of the Project.
  • Chanmoniroith Poan Operations Coordinator Roith works on day-to-day operations, administrative support, and coordinating the implementation of project activities to ensure effective planning and management of CCAP.
  • Khuoy Mareudoeb Research Officer Mareudoeb is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of CCAP’s Monitoring and Evaluation data, effectively communicating with the partner radio stations, and undertaking analysis and learning as part of research for CCAP 2.
  • Mak Chanden Content Support Coordinator Chanden provides content support and mentorship to project partners, and the CCAP content team to improve radio program content of project partner radio stations.
  • Rith Chharlida Finance Officer Chharlida's work involves the preparation of monthly finance reports, project management support to prepare financial plans, project budgets and cash forecasts, and management of project inventory and assets.
  • Savuth Chea ICT Officer Savuth provides ICT support, technical advice and training for project staff and project partners, providing ongoing IT support and maintaining and updating the project partner websites.
  • Jessica List Project Manager Jessica works closely with the in-country Team Leader and team on tasks including writing reports, budgets, monitoring, evaluation, engaging contractors and trouble-shooting. Jessica has a Masters of International Development.