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Supporting the development of an accessible, responsive and professional Radio Vanuatu, and fostering broader and sustainable media development in Vanuatu.

Strengthening Radio Vanuatu

Funded by the Australian government’s international development assistance agency, AusAID, from 2007 to 2013, ABC International Development supported the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC) through the Vois Blong Yumi (VBY) program to develop and strengthen Radio Vanuatu’s role as the national radio service.

These three organisations collectively formed the Program Management Committee (PMC) which worked to implement, manage and monitor the development activities in Vanuatu and their progress against measurable timelines and timeframes.

Vois Blong Yumi (VBY)

Radio Vanuatu Outdoor BroadcastWith a full-time adviser based in Port Vila, ABC International Development worked with local media teams to provide training, program leadership, strategic planning, broadcast and engineering assistance, media law expertise and technical support.

Vois Blong Yumi involved work placements and staff incentive programs, audience and content research work and content development assistance. The support included helping the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation with its coverage and presentation of the 2012 national general elections.

The Vois Blong Yumi program helped strengthen the provincial content providers network with equipment and training and assisted Radio Vanuatu to establish a broadcasting studio for use during national disasters.

Project activities

  • Shortwave radio giveaway


    In 2012, Vois Blong Yumi (VBY) purchased 500 Freeplay Energy ‘Lifeline’ shortwave radios for distribution to the residents of the many remote islands of Vanuatu so they hear the coverage of the national elections.

  • The Citizen Access to Information in Vanuatu study


    The Citizen Access to Information in Vanuatu study provides insights into how citizens communicate in Vanuatu, what information channels they use and why, what information is trusted and their perceptions of development aid.

  • Extended radio reach across Vanuatu


    The number of ni-Vanuatu able to receive good quality radio signals is at its highest level in years. A survey of VBTC’s recently restored short wave transmission system has found that its signal strength throughout the country is excellent.